Dear friends and visitors: after a few months trying to keep up with a portuguese and an english language blog, I had a genious idea: why not making them one? So, after today, I’ll be using another adress, with posts both in english and portuguese. Please update your links and come visit.


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            “I have something to tell you.”

Maybe it was the flu, but I didn’t t want do hear what Jennifer had to say. She could be gorgeous, she could had those fantastic lips, the perfect body, and that small of champagne and strawberries; I wasn’t sensing any smell anyway.

            “Listen, Benjamin, I have something to tell you.”

            She kept saying that, but I didn’t want to hear. I kept blowing my nose and watching Oprah.

            She hold her head between her hands. Then she stared at me for a long time. My eyes were burning, and all my body ached. Finally, Jennifer got tired and got up; walked to the table and took her purse.

            “I’m leaving, Benjamin. I can’t talk to you like that.”

            She slammed the door and left. I snoozed. The digital thermometer showed 42 °C. Of course I couldn’t talk to Jennifer like that. I never knew any Jennifer.


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Old West Showdown

         Billy, the Kid, and I sat in a very small and smoky room; the walls were all covered with a collection of beer cans. Between us there was a table with the solitaire game we had been playing for hours. Which is strange, because solitaire is a game for one person only.

         – I’m a legend. Give up – he said.

         I got my Colt and shot him in the guts. Billy, the Kid, fell over the table like a bag of old potatoes, spreading the cards everywhere. I blew the smoke off the gun and put it back in the belt.

            – Stupid kid – I said, and spit on the floor.

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The Last Letter

by Bernardo Moraes


         It’s been so long since I’ve written the last time, Zelda. I always say it’s the last time. I know, you must be used to it now. Do you remember that time, when the house was surrounded by zombies and I thought it was the end? Well, it wasn’t. And there was also that time when the meteor hit the Earth, or when that big wave destroied the whole city. I keep writing the last letters of my life, but the future ends up proving me wrong.

         My love has not grown smaller, Zelda. We have been apart for so long now, since I left with my backpack and a plane ticket to Genebra, willing to find the cure for the virus that turned so many people into zombies. I did not succed that time, but so many things happened sice then…

         We live in a caotic world, but I’m used to thins things that we considered bizarre before. So I decided, after a lot of time, to write you again. I received, two weeks ago, the letter from the Army saying you died in action. But I don’t think this is the end. As sson as I finish this letter, I leave to the mountains of Nepal to talk tho this Monk who claims to reach the dead. I already tried mediums, psychics and a whole bunch of charlatains. I did not survive a metor, a tsunami and an attack of hungry zombies to give up know.

 With love,


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About me (a poem)

They say

Show me your leader

And I say

Where does all this rain come from?


They say

You are dead

And I say

I still haven’t finished that book


They say

Love and death

I say

Milkshakes and superheroes

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Update or not

Well, it’s been really a while, bes rest assured: I have been reading your blog, even when I don’t leave a comment. There a lot o secret projects going on around here, and soon a lot of news will come. This year has been really creative, adn I met a lot of great and cool people.

Keep creating, keep having fun! And thanks for all the visits and comments!

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Fantasy Books

I´ve been revisiting my fantasy books. Between all of them, I chose four that mean the most to me, mostly because they inspired me to write stories.

1. The Lord of the Rings, J.R.R. Tolkien: classic of fantasy classics. I read Tolkien because I was playing Dungeons & Dragons and one thing lead to another, many many years ago. 


2. His Dark Materials, Philip Pullman: a trilogy about parallel universes. The first book, The Golden Compass, is the best of all, with its alternate Oxford and witches and gipsies and travels to the land of bears with armors. More tan once I wante to live in Oxford because of it. 


3. Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling: absolute sucess before the word hype even existed. A book for children and adults, details, a lot of details, charismatic characters everywhere and no fear whatsoever to show death. Yeaaah baby.


4.  A series of misfortunate events, Lemony Snicket:  it´s literary references are a lot of fun:  Baudelaire, Poe and whatnot. It´s not what you would expect for a children´s  book: no happy ending, you should know from the start. It´s one bad news after another. Perfect.


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